Residential Services

We appraise all residential property types throughout the East Bay Area and surrounding regions. If you are looking for a precise, high quality appraisal, please create a client account through the client login portal on the home page or feel free to call our offices at 415-615-2218.  See coverage area for counties covered.  

We offer a wide-range of services to support the needs of various customers, including:


Expert, unbiased testimony and consulting services.


Accurately determine the value of your estate client’s real estate property.


Help sellers list their property at a fair price to sell your properties faster.


Feel like you’re overpaying property taxes? Want to eliminate PMI from your monthly mortgage payment? We provide expert valuations in divorces and estate divisions.

Insurance Companies

Protect property portfolios for the correct amount.


Get the knowledge you need to make a great investment.

Fee Schedule

*Baseline fees below.  Pricing may vary depending upon complexity or specific client needs.

Single Family - URAR 1004 & 1073 $500
Exterior Only (Drive-by) - 2055 $375
Duplex (Triplex, $700 / Fourplex, $750) $650
1004 D / 442 (Certification of completion)$150
Pre-listing Measurement Only $175 

*Homes over 2,500 ft², add $50
*Land Appraisal & complex assignment - Quote.  

As noted, the fee schedule above are baseline fees.  This is just a small sample of the appraisal services we provide. If you need an appraisal and would like to discuss pricing and get a quote for a specific property, please contact us for further assistance at 415-615-2218 or email John directly at : 
Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you!

Sample sketch's available per request.  Please E-mail John Arroyo for a sample at